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All good stories have their origins… Who’s Spiderman without Uncle Ben and the radioactive spider?

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

So, before we get into the nitty gritty of the athletic world, I wanted to first take the time to set the stage and acknowledge some of the people who gave me the inspiration to get this site going.

If you’re here, you probably are interested in sports; whether it be learning how to get started and play, ways to prevent or rehabilitate injuries or just how to get the most out of a fan experience at a new park. To assist you on your journey, I’ll be going around to specialized clinics, high schools and universities to talk with experts in their fields but also get some hands-on experience participating in different competitions. You won’t find daily score updates or punditry on why X player should go to Y team in free agency here. What you will get is my experiences, connections and passion for athletic competition and how you can go out and start playing; whether you want to start a pick-up game with friends, a new way to train or how to find a league that suits your skill level. I will also be breaking down the minds of the coaches and instructors; things they love to see, where most people go wrong and how to get the most out of your time on the field/ice/pitch.

My parents and I after college graduation.

Like any good venture, this one is only possible due to the marvelous support system I have; my family, friends and of course, my amazing significant other. These are the people that have always had my back, picked me up when I’ve fallen and smacked me upside the head when I was messing things up. Special thanks are due to a few.

SQUAD UP! Family first with two of my brothers and my sister.

My good friend Jimmy who gave me the idea for this blog and its format. Dude is a rock star and should be found in the dictionary under the heading “The American Dream come to life”, an inspiration for me every day. My brother from a different mother Sean, a true hero in so many ways. Whenever I’ve needed someone to make me laugh or help me cry through the dark times, you’ve been there no questions asked. My mentor and close friend Chloe, who has helped me figure out what parts of life are worth living and how to maximize my own potential all while being the best sounding board and cheer section anyone could ask for. My brothers; Shane, Jeff and Ian and sister Alyse. Who needs to find a team when you have one built in? There are so many times I can point to where I would have failed if not for my siblings and their unconditional love. My step-father, Don. The man that taught me what being a man was all about, being a rock for our family through the toughest times. My father, Dean, a man that created the passion I have for sports and the man that has shown me both the good and bad sides of life. My mother, Karen; my always best friend, support group, caretaker and the person who has shaped me into who I am today more than any single person. I proudly call myself a “momma’s boy” because of you. Last but certainly not least, my partner in all things, Logan. You’ve helped me grow and thrive and gave me the confidence to not only believe that I’m worthwhile and capable, but to tackle any challenge thrown my way, so long as you’re right by my side. Thank you all and I love you more than these words could ever let you know.

My life and love. Wouldn’t be doing this without her support.

Now, let’s get into it. SPORTS BABY!

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