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I missed hockey.

I got so wrapped up in that excitement that I’ve been going to classes for over a month now and some of my fellow participants who follow the blog reminded me that I hadn’t written anything in a REALLY long time (thanks guys!). So, I’m gonna try to breakdown how the first five weeks back on the ice have treated me and the progression I’ve seen in my own abilities in this short period of time. It is my first ABC since the season in the Bethlehem YMCA D-league, so I was really curious to see how I fared.

Celebrating Five Years of Troy Toughness

Building a new business from the ground up is a daunting undertaking with nearly 50% failing in their first 5 years[1]. That made this sweltering Friday evening a special event for Troy Taekwondo; a martial arts training school in Upstate NY. Master Jim Nash has put together not only a successful small business but a strong community that came out in full force to celebrate this milestone.