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It Has Been A Long Time

So, I suppose I’ve gotten off track a bit in the past few months. I started this site when it was my goal to “make it” as a freelance writer. Blogging was the creative outlet to the constant slogging of writing for someone else’s needs. Then September came, clients weren’t rolling in as I’d hoped and I had to go get a “real job” which in this case turned out to be teaching assistant at a local middle school.

While I do enjoy a large portion of the students that I deal with on a daily basis, working with other adults has been draining. I haven’t much felt like writing for anyone or frankly, doing much of anything. That’s not something I want to allow to happen; letting the actions of others dictate what I do with my, now more limited amount of, free time. I have still been watching, playing and taking trips to experience sports. It’s about time to start sharing those events again and focusing on the parts of life that bring joy, not frustration.

At Joe Bruno Stadium, for local brewery Brown’s (a personal favorite of mine).

A few months ago I was wrapping up another session of ABC Hockey at Union College and going to the local YMCA to get some free-skates in when a friend of mine from high school (who happens to run the rink at the Y) brought an idea about a developmental league at the rink for guys just like me! Well, of course I practically jump out of my shoes at the idea and with the help of a couple of hockey regulars at the rink, the D-League is now a thing. Each Thursday night, a group of people get together and play pickup hockey. We usually have about 14-16 skaters and two goalies each week and play full ice 5 on 5 hockey! All of the more experienced guys have been super helpful; offering tips and pointers with skating, shooting and game awareness that have really helped me improve! I have been thinking about going back to ABC, but other life events have impacted my finances…

Engagement Night!

I’m getting married! While yes, that does mean slightly less trips to NYC and NJ for games and slightly less brand new hockey gear; it also means I get to spend the rest of my life with my favorite person. Once we’re done paying for the event though, Logan and I are definitely going to be taking trips to more stadiums, parks and rinks to watch sports.

I’ve also been in a car accident that was major – it totaled my car, but thankfully minor on the injury front. I went to Newark, NJ and saw the Devils play the Red Wings in November and have pictures and of the surprisingly awesome Prudential Center. I also have taken trips to see the Mets and the amazing Citi Field, the Valley Cats – a local single-A affiliate of the Houston Asterisk… I mean Astros and some local sporting events to tell you about as well! It’s been a wild couple of months in my life, but in the sporting news world as well. I’m looking forward to sharing my stories and talking about what I’ve been seeing in the news as well.

Finally, the biggest news in sports, last night Kobe Bryant, his daughter and multiple other people perished in a helicopter accident in Calabasas, California. This was a great tragedy, as the loss of any life is. As someone who plays, watches, talks, writes and argues about sports as a primary part of my life it just serves as a greater reminder that life is far too short and unpredictable, go out and do what you love.

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