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The Community of Sports

The family and friends you make are a big part of why sports are so beloved. That’s why I’d like to endeavor to make this blog a community effort. Here are some plans for updates, planned outings and articles.

Dodger Stadium 2008

There’s a certain sense of togetherness you get when you are a part of a team, or share a fandom with someone else. It’s something that has drawn me to team sports and other athletic competitions my whole life. Whether it was having your teammates mob you at the plate after a homer or the fist bump you’d get from your captain after taking a penalty, you always had a community at your back. It’s one of the aspects of sports I find fascinating and love about them. It wouldn’t feel right to have an outlet for this love and passion without sharing it with the people I know feel the same way. That is why I want to invite anyone that reads this blog to share their story with me. I want to do this in a few ways.

The first thing I want to encourage is leaving comments. If you have a thought or want to start a discussion have at it! I don’t really mean “Oh Vlad Guerrero Jr. is killing it, hit 3 homers today” sort of stuff, there are a lot of outlets for that all over the internet. I mean more your story of why you love your favorite team or how spending time with your dad playing catch influenced your love of football. I want to know about what makes you so passionate about sports.

The second way I want to make this a community effort is to have guest writers tell their stories. If you have a skill with the written word and want to tell a story or explore a topic, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail at and we can discuss what you’d like to contribute.

At some point, if there is demand, I was also considering making a forum to go with the blog.

I also wanted to map out some of the things I have planned for the future of this blog on my end. There are a few series of posts I have planned on topics like; values built in sports, stadium reviews, clinic/school visits, coach interviews and more. I wanted to highlight a few that will be coming in the very near future.

  • Baseball training facility opening – A series behind making what you love into what you do and how baseball training has changed over the past 20 years.
  • Adult Beginner Hockey journey – I’m taking adult beginner hockey lessons, I’m going to tell you what we do and how I progress. Can I get good enough to make a team?
  • Citi Field Trip! – I’m headed down to New York City to watch the 3 game series between the Mets and the Dodgers in September. I’ll review the stadium and the food, tell you why I love the Dodgers so much and talk about the fan experience with live sports compared to watching on television.

So that’s the update for today. Leave your feedback, like and share this post if you want to get the word out and be a part of this community!

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