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Celebrating Five Years of Troy Toughness

Finding Success through Building a Community

Master Nash preparing his demonstration team for the event.

Building a new business from the ground up is a daunting undertaking with nearly 50% failing in their first 5 years[1]. That made this sweltering Friday evening a special event for Troy Taekwondo; a martial arts training school in Upstate NY. Master Jim Nash has put together not only a successful small business but a strong community that came out in full force to celebrate this milestone.

While strolling through the packed parking lot you could feel the warmth from not only the sun, but the family friendly atmosphere created by the members of Troy Taekwondo. Seeing Master Nash work the crowd; laughing and joking with the members of his school you can understand why the school has been a success from day one. He is a rare individual that is approachable, yet commands respect effortlessly; a strong combination for the unique role he holds as the business owner, face of the business and primary instructor for the school. With over 25 years practicing and teaching, he also has the credentials and expertise that provide the foundation for his unique teaching style; blending the traditional with innovation that brings the martial art into the current day without losing its ties to the past. There is also a passion about the practice that oozes out of Master Nash; you can tell he loves his students and Taekwondo.

The highlight of the event was a demonstration from the youth demo team. The six-member team ran through some basic techniques in unison before showing off their skills individually. Next, each member of the team got a moment in the spotlight, throwing kick combinations or performing their form; a choreographed routine of techniques that are a test of both knowledge and ability that have long been a staple of martial arts training. The timing and skill displayed were impressive, especially when considering the age of the team members! After showing their skill, the team put these skills into action with a personal favorite of mine, board breaking. Power and speed were on display as these practitioners turned boards into kindling with roundhouse kicks, punches and some highlight reel flying kicks. This display was a real crowd pleaser, with bursts of applause each time a board met an abrupt end at the hands or feet of one of the team members.

Boards. Destroyed.

Once the demonstration was completed, the community got to enjoy some pizza and cake while adult members of the school took turns demonstrating their breaking skills and enjoying each other’s company. It was a great event that really showed not only the love and respect Master Nash elicits, but of the great community that was established at the school. Congratulations to Master Nash and the entire Troy Taekwondo family, here’s to many more years of success and cries of “Troy what?! Troy Tough!” ringing through Upstate New York.

[1] Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018) Survival of private sector establishments by opening year. Retrieved from

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  1. A wonderful, well written and beautiful contribute to a great organization. Enjoyed reading it very much. Congratulations, to Master Nash and the accomplishment of all his hard work.


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