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The Week That Was – May 11-17, 2020

Starting off the week with a recap of what happened on the site and in sports! Plus YOU decide how the site moves forward!

So weird watching sporting events with empty stadiums…

It was an interesting week in our quarantined lives, as this was the week that (some) sports came back! While the Premier League, NHL, NBA and MLB work to come up with solutions to get their product back on the field/court/ice; NASCAR, UFC, WWE, Korean Baseball Organization (KBO), Bundesliga (German Soccer) and a few other major sports leagues resumed play. This has coincided with many parts of the United States starting to “un-pause” and reopen their economies.

Surprisingly, I didn’t really watch any of the sporting events that took place this weekend. While I love soccer and baseball, I couldn’t bring myself to turning on the TV to watch the KBO and got through about 30 minutes of the Bayern/Union Berlin match on Sunday before the poor level of play and my general lack of investment in the Bundesliga led me away from my television. Didn’t hurt matters that the weather was wonderful this weekend; so being outdoors took up priority for me.

That will run into the topic of the website itself and a few things I noticed with the articles I posted last week.

  1. The articles covering the major sports league news and the Rams uniform reveal performed poorly, while the piece about my first season of semi-organized hockey performed well beyond expectations.
  2. Interaction was better on Instagram (pjsportslife) than expected. Facebook was okay and Twitter didn’t seem to gain any traction.
  3. I have a group of fans in China it would seem (Welcome!).

These facts being noticed, I want to run a poll. I have a few ideas ready to go and wanted to see which of these ideas resonate with my readers.

Take The Survey Here

There are also some questions about formats and if you have any additional suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment on the site, or any of my social media pages!

Have a great week and stay safe!

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